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Final Reflection

Here is my reflection, Enjoy!


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Teaching Abroad…

I recently met with Kathy Cassidy’s grade one class once again.  I had the pleasure of listening to them read yesterday!  It was adorable.  They came to the computer one by one and read stories, appropriate to their individual reading levels, while I sat and listened and helped with any sounding out necessary.  It was great!  You could sure tell that this wasn’t their first time because they were pros at showing me the pages while they read and were very comfortable doing so.  Kathy has done, and continues to do, many amazing things with her class and none of them really all that complicated.  I am sure glad I had the opportunity to meet Kathy and her class and I look forward to staying connected!

My son is also in grade one and he has become obsessed with reading!  I guess there are certainly worse things that could be occupying our time.  Anyways,  his teacher began a “Reading Road” with them about a month ago and he is determined to lead the pack, he has read 100 books already!  It’s really great, but I must say I am amazed anyone ever learned to read the English language with all the tricks and memorization involved!  Miracle I tell ya….

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Educators and Social Media

A friend of mine in my EPSY 322 shared a link with us to complete a survey regarding Educators and Social Media.  I asked her if I could also share the survey with yall….it’s quite relevant to this course I do believe!  Sooo if you have a few minutes please feel free to check it out.  I am also including a link to her blog where you can read further and discover what she hopes to find out and why she is doing the survey.  Enjoy!

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Teach Us Something

For my “Teach us Something” activity for this class I am doing First Nations Content in the Classroom. I put together a short presentation using google docs to share some of the resources I have found useful and also those I have gotten from other teachers.  Here is a link to my presentation…

First Nations Content in the Classroom

I am also including some other links that you may find useful. 

Assembly of First Nations

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Native Women’s Association of Canada

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Government of Saskatchewan


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MTV’s “Creeps”

I don’t know how many of you watch MTV but it’s definitely my go-to channel.  The other day I was watching a show called Creeps.  It reminded me of this class a little bit…  It’s a television series that puts various people of the spot to discover whether they are who they say they are in online spaces such as facebook or twitter.   This is a quote to describe what the show is about “Produced in-house at MTV Canada, MTV CREEPS features a rotating panel of three, expert social media “creeps” (judges) that scrutinize the posts, pictures, and ultimately, the virtual lives of three, different social media addicts. Once each profile has been critiqued, the “creepers” decide whether to add, ignore or recommend their friends to remove them“.  I was going to link to a clip but I am going to  leave it up to you to decided whether you want to check it out, mainly because it can get a little R-rated at times if you know what I mean.  People do pretty ridiculous things online there’s no denying that!


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Non-Verbal Communication Tools

I am also taking  EPSY 322 this semester which is a course that is centered around working with students with special needs.  Last class we had a presentation about children who live with autism.  Our presenter offered some really cool ways to use technology to help these children communicate with others, I thought I’d share them with you.  The first one she mentioned was an application for iphones, ipads and itouch called the GRACEapp.  This offers a very discreet, interactive form of communication.  I also think using this app is more inclusive because many other children are carrying these things around with them as well.  Another one was called Speak for Yourself, which also an app for ipad.  This interactive communication tool has over 13 000 words available to use.  Smart Oral Motor is a fun and easy way to practice oral motor skills and Voice for You is a communication tool for Android and Apple that can easily record everyday conversations and provides many other features as well. 

In the past I have seen children who aren’t verbal having to carry around binders full of sheets with little symbols on them.  When they wanted to communicate they would have to flip through the pages and try and find the picture that best suited what they were trying to say.  I think having the opportunity to communicate with just the touch of a button is far more efficient.  I was excited to learn these things and I hope you find them beneficial as well!      



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Facebook…in real life?

I thought John Spencer’s take on what it looks like when an online social media site meets reality was really neat, and something I never would have considered before.  I do understand though that these are two very different worlds for many.  I myself, like to think I wouldn’t say anything online that I wouldn’t say in person but I know this isn’t the case for everyone.  Online spaces give people a sort of freedom or depth they may not feel in their day-to-day life.  I think there is plenty of room for this in my own life also but we need to be careful and most certainly be “real” as John put it.     

I thought his Living Facebook experiment was a really unique and effective one.  The part I connected with the most was when he said “social media compresses us”.  I completely agree with this!  I think the personal touch of many things has been lost with all the “online” ways to stay connected and be social.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have facebook, I text a fair bit, and I am attempting the Twitter thing….but to me there is no greater joy than making home-made birthday/thank-you cards, decorating a cake for my son or making a friend a gift.  I live for stuff like this, which is why I enjoyed what John T. Spencer had to say, because he reminded me once again to keep the balance between the two worlds.


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