About Me

My name is Chelsea Hamilton and I am a Fourth Year Elementary Education student….fourth year?!  WOW…I am currently in my last semester and I cannot believe how fast these four years have gone!  I am officially on the homestretch and man does it feel good!  I am also the proud mother of my beautiful son Kyan.  We live in the small town of Fort Qu’Appelle which is located in the beautiful Qu’Appelle valley about 45 minutes from Regina.  My son is my everything and he makes me proud each and everyday :). 

I recently completed my Internship this past fall which I was lucky enough to get to do in my home town.  I was placed in the Kindergarten room at the Fort Qu’Appelle Elementary Community School and I seriously had the time of my life.  I never imagined teaching Kindergarten, but now, I would absolutely jump on the opportunity to do so.  Five year olds are classic!  They were so random and so full of energy that my internship was seriously a blur, it went so fast and it was so fun!  Best part of all I didn’t have to travel to Regina EVERYDAY and I was in the same building as my son (which we can see from our house)… it was just nice. 

Other than school and work, my family and I love doing pretty much anything active and outdoors.  I play rec. volleyball and my son takes part each and every sport offered for his age.  Our favorite thing to do in winter is go snowboarding  and in summer, hit the beach.  Most of all I enjoy spending time surrounded by the people I love, no matter what it is we happen to be doing! 

Lastly…I believe I began my journey as a teacher about 6 years ago when I took a job as a Teachers Assistant at the Bert Fox Community High School, also here in Fort Qu’Appelle.  I had finally found my place but I was eager to learn more.  I applied into the Elementary Education Program and the rest is history…


2 responses to “About Me

  1. sheena

    Chelsea, you make me proud of our profession. Teach on, Sister!

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