Teaching Abroad…

I recently met with Kathy Cassidy’s grade one class once again.  I had the pleasure of listening to them read yesterday!  It was adorable.  They came to the computer one by one and read stories, appropriate to their individual reading levels, while I sat and listened and helped with any sounding out necessary.  It was great!  You could sure tell that this wasn’t their first time because they were pros at showing me the pages while they read and were very comfortable doing so.  Kathy has done, and continues to do, many amazing things with her class and none of them really all that complicated.  I am sure glad I had the opportunity to meet Kathy and her class and I look forward to staying connected!

My son is also in grade one and he has become obsessed with reading!  I guess there are certainly worse things that could be occupying our time.  Anyways,  his teacher began a “Reading Road” with them about a month ago and he is determined to lead the pack, he has read 100 books already!  It’s really great, but I must say I am amazed anyone ever learned to read the English language with all the tricks and memorization involved!  Miracle I tell ya….


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  1. Courtney Oyka

    Seeing kids who are just learning to read is such an amazing thing. Learning to read is such a huge accomplishment. That is so awesome that he has read 100 books in grade 1 already! Very impressive!

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