MTV’s “Creeps”

I don’t know how many of you watch MTV but it’s definitely my go-to channel.  The other day I was watching a show called Creeps.  It reminded me of this class a little bit…  It’s a television series that puts various people of the spot to discover whether they are who they say they are in online spaces such as facebook or twitter.   This is a quote to describe what the show is about “Produced in-house at MTV Canada, MTV CREEPS features a rotating panel of three, expert social media “creeps” (judges) that scrutinize the posts, pictures, and ultimately, the virtual lives of three, different social media addicts. Once each profile has been critiqued, the “creepers” decide whether to add, ignore or recommend their friends to remove them“.  I was going to link to a clip but I am going to  leave it up to you to decided whether you want to check it out, mainly because it can get a little R-rated at times if you know what I mean.  People do pretty ridiculous things online there’s no denying that!



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4 responses to “MTV’s “Creeps”

  1. I know a teacher who has his students become “spies” and try and find out as much as possible about people online. The catch is he choosing people that he knows (I was one for one semester) and uses that to discuss digital citizenship and how people use social media positively.

  2. What a cool idea, and what a great way to promote the positive! Also I think students would be a lot more careful about how they portray themselves if they were on the receiving end of a spy…Thanks for sharing this with me.

  3. I think this would be a show I would like to watch with my son. I often wonder if he really knows who is is allowing into his life via Facebook!

  4. Interesting, thanks for sharing!

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