Non-Verbal Communication Tools

I am also taking  EPSY 322 this semester which is a course that is centered around working with students with special needs.  Last class we had a presentation about children who live with autism.  Our presenter offered some really cool ways to use technology to help these children communicate with others, I thought I’d share them with you.  The first one she mentioned was an application for iphones, ipads and itouch called the GRACEapp.  This offers a very discreet, interactive form of communication.  I also think using this app is more inclusive because many other children are carrying these things around with them as well.  Another one was called Speak for Yourself, which also an app for ipad.  This interactive communication tool has over 13 000 words available to use.  Smart Oral Motor is a fun and easy way to practice oral motor skills and Voice for You is a communication tool for Android and Apple that can easily record everyday conversations and provides many other features as well. 

In the past I have seen children who aren’t verbal having to carry around binders full of sheets with little symbols on them.  When they wanted to communicate they would have to flip through the pages and try and find the picture that best suited what they were trying to say.  I think having the opportunity to communicate with just the touch of a button is far more efficient.  I was excited to learn these things and I hope you find them beneficial as well!      




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3 responses to “Non-Verbal Communication Tools

  1. Katy

    I’ve worked with students who have used a variety of these tools before! It’s completely mind blowing to me how it works. And it is amazing at how well the other children understand them too!

  2. Courtney Oyka

    Thank you for sharing this Chelsea! I had never thought of this before. I am also completing research on ways to help students with autism in the classroom and this information is very helpful.

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